Hi people,

All of the people around me always ask bout, "Are you still running your blog?", "are you still a blogger?". Yes I am but rarely update it because some kind of business that i run recently. I'm no longer a fashion blogger, cause i've found that photography is so much fun to learn and explore than ootd post instead. So yeah, this is what i take. But sometimes i shot some personal moment and journal of my journey. Lately, my days are wonderful because I'm surrounding by beautiful people so that's why I never show up.

The big news is now i have a personal website which is made by my senior work partner who is really nice to me and we talk a lot in office and messenger, huge thanks to him. Cannot do it without you :) You can check it out at


I always ask myself, why i choose "larascream" as my nickname, and the answer is "i have no idea at all". If you search my real name, there are tons of people who has the same name like mine, and not to mention that i don't have any gratitude but I'm just piss because i wanna differentiate myself among other people. I was born with popular and javanese also without last name which is make me difficult to make some account including passport. Sometimes i add my father's first name to make it as my last name and the worst thing to me is i repeat my name, so it turns out into Laras Larasati, BLAH!.

The funny thing is i searched a some kind of name engine to help find a cool name, but it didn't work because it's too fake and un original. I need a tacky name or punk name or whatever. So i found "Lara" is easy to pronounce especially when i met foreign people. I add "Scream" with no reason. And i've already set Lara Scream for all of my accounts.

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