It's Fry Day and welcome to my crap

So the best part of my story is, i dye my hair again. Now with INOA from L'Oreal. My biggest chance came from Mrs Stephanie who brought me into a special little event called TEST THE NEW PRODUCT! So L'Oreal come with soe new products and series in colouring hair. And i found this as my ne opportunity to dye my hair extreme and have a cooperation with Mrs Stephanie who has a ne salon in Soho Waterplace Pakuwon, West Surabaya.

The big news is she dyed my hair with ASH BLONDE wich in the first time im kinda disappointed because i want dye my hair purple ombre with white end but, it's necessary to try the 'almost grey' color. I said "why not, just make my hair fabulous mrs. I believe it!". She always want me to go to her salon, haha, what a surprise. I will :) Glam Salon is a brand new salon, frankly i can't see the salon yet cause it's NEW and far from my rent house, and certainly i want to go there after i finished my job on this semester. And im pretty sure want to dye my hair again, i see Gabriella Olivia want to do it again. When we're young, everything is possible. Enjoy every little thing is necessary. 

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Highlighted on my right side very bright. and ombre in the end. A lil bit looks 'scare' because this is just an experiment i guess. I'll come back more with the biggest one. Maybe i'll dye my whole hair