Hair Extension Much?

Some of you might be know about my terrifying hair. You know, the bald one, on one side. The biggest creepy fun thing ever in my whole life

old stock photos. webcam quality

But these pictures tell you a lie. The skin head is not wide. After that i clean them off again and wideeeeeerrrrr!!! I feel stupid when they get long enough. I can see &my half hair ridiculous. I ever think about hair extension. But i always say that aku bukanlah cewek seperti pada umumnya, i mean so tombooyyyy. Silly stuff which i can do is pray for good.

But, i made a note, i have my perception, DO NOT HAVE A SKIN HEAD ANYMOOOOOREEEEE! Ever.  Pernah terbesit pikiran untuk memasang hairclip but it didn't work. I mean looks terrible on me. I don'w know how girls do it properly and looks beautiful. I don't feel amazing with 'fake hair'

But my point to add 'fake hair' is to make our hair more thick than before. I mean, whatever my hair style, i still want keep the style but just add lil bit sugar on it. So, i think, you girls want the same point like i do

Top Left looks idiot and insane lol. So boyish

Difficult to find the best hair extension, i feel desperate until i've found Seek Hair much attractive and one stop shop for your first choice for top grade-quality products at rock-bottom prices. Committed to providing the best quality human hair extensions to every customers. This is what you should do when you have a skin head like. It's pretty cool and so breezy. Your head became lighter than before and you have thin hair in the end. It's not only a regret but it's also a experience confession.

Recommended to use clip hair extension when they longer a lil bit, there's so much hope. Sometimes we don't really find a professional natural hair, they look totally fake but definitely the best decision ever if you choose on of Seek Hair's Natural collection.

feel sexy as this gurl. feels faaaaaabbbbuuulloouuuss~

Look naturally insane because they are 100% human hair extensions! To whoever and whenever you are, never give a shot to set extension clip (in a salon, you have a glue extension, that's gross), give it a try now. If you have the same problem like, best idea ever. Just a tip from me, to remember make an extension as an additional hair to give you volume, not longer.

For those who love instant way, you can use wig for good. I love colourful wig because i don't wanna dye my hair. My hair look terrible when i've moved to Surabaya for a year, and i can't help with the heat.My skin looks darker and my hair is awful. And when i talk about photoshoot, i love to try something new with a new concept and outfit. The accessories too and colourful wig for sure. I'm sure my photos look totally awesome when the model use colourful wig, and Seek Hair strike again, they have amazing wigs.

So, have a nice day and i hope your hair looks better than mine <3


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