I was  doin my lil project with Reds Agency, international model agency in Surabaya. The models are stunning. I can't believe that their height are 'For The Win'. Seriously, im 19th, and they are like 15 but taller. I think i have no reason for myself, i was kinda arrogant when im 15 im the tallest between my friends, and that was happen in my face. Im totally broken, lol

Anyway, a lil bit about model stuff, i can't join it, so i focus to be a photographer because i realize that i have passion on it. Honestly i have 3 projects lately, first with Jeremiah (he is from Holland) and with him it was really crazy because for the first time i shot topless male model, sounds fetish but that was totally fun. And second project with Claudia (Reds Producer, Rico, call her Nyai Pelet, she has a strong face which is like a bully face and so much cruel on her eyes, lol). But i just only her makeup artist on that project, the stylist (Rama, also my senior in my campus) had photography lesson, so i helped him out with the makeup

Stylist Rama Dicandra
Model Jeremiah (Reds Agency)
Location Megan's Apartment

As i remember, those project 3 or 4 months ago, and i published them on my facebook (check them out). And i wanna show more, lately, i have had a project with my senior, helped him with his last assignment also a record for his lecturer, cooperative with Reds Agency again. This time i work with 2 young stunning girls (which are younger than me and much taller than me, *sigh). May and Mira. They both are amazing. Oh ya, i also did their makeup. I did a simple touch, it used to be blonde and cover the eyebrow so their face look more stronger.

Stylist Rama Dicandra
Model Claudia (Reds Agency)
Location Campus Photography Studio

Stylist Rama Dicandra
Model May (Reds Agency)
Location East Coast Rooftop

Stylist Rama Dicandra
Model Mira (Reds Agency)
Location East Coast Rooftop


  1. yesss they're stunninggg! love claudia's and mira's pics so much. adore your works, Lara :D

    1. YES! Your portfolio are stunning too, i wanna be your model portfolio sometimes, because YOU KILL IT! <3

    2. hayuuukk, let's make something awesome! :3