The Day That Will Never End

 I admit that I AM BUSY recently. I spent my days with my assignment and jobs, also some activities in other events such as Fashion Show, Photo Shot, and Dance.
And i almost forgot about my dearest blog. I thought this time i will treat my blog as well as my job. There are so many things which i left and i never post it trough this journal. It's Pinky Promise :3 Remind me about that! Ha!
So i wanna show you some stuff from my work at college, or my work that i did in my room and what i did lately for memories and flashback -____-

Beautiful work in AJBS Gallery Surabaya. What a stunning idea <3

The gift are so artsy from my friend. And my Online Shop sticker

Brushes. They are gentle and sweet

And after this, i will post some journal of art exhibition from art university in Surabaya. I will catch you soon. Keep SCREAMIN out loud!

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