People in Style: Nikki Licastro

Name: Nikki Licastro 
Born: nineteen ninety four
Occupation: Currently a year 12 student 
Motto: You can’t trust anyone, not even yourself

Hi, how are you doing? 
Hello, I am quite content; I am currently in bed trying to rest up after a long night spent with my family, we had dinner at a Thai restraint and played bowling, and although I didn’t win I had a great time

Tell me about yourself
Well what is there to say about myself... I enjoy nature and outdoors I find it so beautiful to step outside and smell the gorgeous fresh air, to be surrounded by everything green and all things alive. Seeing as I am in year 12 and take pride in my schooling I don’t get to do the things I use to love as much as I’d want to, but I do enjoy baking or cooking all types of food, I love adventures and I have a deep passion for helping people thus being the reason that I have chosen to be a social worker for my career path.

What activites that you love and did lately? 
I enjoy staying at home in this cold winter with a huge warm blanket and a soft pillow while cuddling up next to my loved ones eating all kinds of delicious food while watching as many movies as we can before falling asleep. 
How do you feel for being yourself and what do you like from you? 
I am 100% myself, I use to hide that from people because I was ashamed but one day I came to the realisation of if I don’t love who I am no body will, so today I am myself, and if people can’t accept that then there is no purpose for them in my life, I am me and I am proud. Um, well I like the fact that I will always give a helping hand to someone who is in need, um hahaha, that’s actually a really difficult question Lara! 

Tell me about your style 
I don’t restrict myself to one style, I dress how I feel in that present moment, I love colours, bright, bold and captivating colours, but I also love black, my style involves a lot of dresses and skirts, as I feel most comfortable in them and they give the cute girly look I adore! I guess I can pretty much say my style is based on my mood, it’s my way of expressing myself, I don’t try to impress anybody. 

Who is/are your inspirations and why? 
I absolutely love Miranda Kerr, She is an Australian model, and she is just the most beautiful person imaginable! I also love lady gaga, not for anything but I love how she is proud of who she is, how she expresses herself, and she is not afraid to show the world who and what she is!

What do you know about Indonesia? 
To be more than honest, I don’t know much, all I know is that it is a beautiful country; I’d love to travel there one day

What's your opinion about Lara (me, yeay!) 
I think that you have incredible bone structure and a beautiful slender body with impeccable long legs, I adore your looks I think they are wonderful! 

Some words for me and the readers
If you love the way you are, or if you don’t, if you want to change yourself purely to improve your happiness then do so but please never change who and what you are because of what people may say because every individual is entitled to their opinions but so are you, and you have your opinion of them, if you are happy with you, that’s all that matters, don’t let others define you. Stand tall and be proud, you are all beautiful in your own unique way.


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