Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H

IT'S OUR DAY YO! Whoever you are and wherever you are, doesn't matter, the thing is we have our victory day today!

And i wanna say sorry if i have anything bad around you, hurt you so bad, kill you inside. I wish we have bless by Allah SWT in this holy month. So for this special day, i wanna share some tips to look stunning when you meet people today. I bet some guests will come to your house, and be gorgeous is not a guilty. Make sure you have the right look for this blessing day.

Concealer is THE GREATEST TOOL I EVER HAD! When you wanna have a simple look, make your look not too heavy, concealer can replace foundation. Just apply it on your face where the pimple and any imperfection of your skin with your ring-finger or concealer brush

After that, apply powder to your face and i suggest use Two-way Cake Powder, TWC powder is very light for your skin and flawless at the same time. Just apply it with big brush and gently swipe to your face

When it's your turn to go to your friend's house, bronzer make your cheek really sexy. During outside activity, people can see your jawline perfectly and also your face look glamorous in simple look. Swipe your favourite bronzer where your cheek bone seems to be appear. If you have the jawline, then you're the lucky one! Follow the jawline, and really gently SWIPE with blush brush or contour brush. 

Make dramatic eyes! Mascara which i used right now is maybelline. Last is lipgloss. I used Revlon as well as the lipstick. Revlon make my lips dull

AND THAT'S for the beauty tips today. And now i wanna show Ied Spirit. How does it look like? Ied's culinary always special and typical and i don't know why. Probably based on Indonesian Moeslim's tradition. Smells good and cultural. My mom didn't cook because this time she's really busy with her job in boutique. She only order foods and once again, based on our tradition and my only request Tofu Pudding lol


Ketupat is typical

Chicken Opor is very YUM!

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