People in Style:Christianna Tilley

Name: Christianna Tilley (though I prefer to go by Kat)
Born: February 12, 1991 in Mesa, Arizona
Occupation: 'Barista' -- at a Dunkin' Donuts, temporarily, but I plan to be a graphic designer.
Motto: I don't exactly have a motto, but I do always remind myself to not judge myself too much, because everyone's judgements of themselves are typically a lot harsher than the judgements other people give them.

Hi, how are you doing?
Tired, but good! I have a five day long weekend after tomorrow that I plan to enjoy!
Melelahkan tapi baik-baik saja! Aku berencana untuk berlibur lusa.

Tell me about yourself
I'm a bit of a gypsy; I love travelling and have lived all over the western half of the United States, and recently am embracing my southwestern roots, mainly through fashion. I'm just a twenty year old trying to discover my adult personal, which seems to be a pretty silly sort of person who refuses to grow past seventeen.
Aku agak jipsi; suka traveling dan pernah tinggal di seluruh bagian barat Amerika, dan baru-baru saja "merangkul" daerah baratdaya, kebnayakan gara-gara fashion. Umurku 20 tahun dan berusaha untuk menemukan pribadi dewasa, yang sepertinya aneh karena aku berusaha menolak untuk tumbuh menjadi dewasa.
What activites that you love and did lately?
I adore photography (including fashion), music appreciation, and studying up on eastern/asian cultures, especially cuisine. I really love asian foods of all sorts. Oh, and DIY! I love creating new pieces of clothing from something old.
Aku sangat menyukai fotografi (termasuk fashion); apresiasi musik dan belajar mengenai budaya Asia, teruatama kulinernya. Aku sangat suka dengan semua jenis makanan Asia. Oh dan DIY! Aku suka berkarya, membuat ulang pakaian yang lama.

How do you feel for being yourself and what do you like from you?
I used to hate being myself as a teen, up until I met the person whom I call my fiancée, which was a very beneficial experience for me in all areas of my life. My life's totally changed, and I have along with it. I'm now very comfortable with myself, even a little confident (which was something I never was) and I suppose what I like about myself is my sense of never wanting to grow up. Sure, I want to be taken seriously when it comes to it, but I still want to be a kid at heart. Adults always seemed unhappy to me while I was growing up.

Tell me about your style
It's a bit weird. Some days I want to look like a hippie, some days I want to look like a punk...so I suppose that counts as 'fluid'? I get bored of things easily, even if I love those certian things, so I always need to keep changing and make things interesting, or else I'll become stagnant, which is my biggest vice.
Agak aneh. Kadang aku ingin bergaya hippi, kadang aku ingin bergaya punk, jadi kayaknya gayaku termasuk "berubah-ubah" (?). Aku suka gampang bosan

Who is/are your inspirations and why?
My fiancée (who is the source of my self-confidence), Jean Greige (who is my favourite DIY queen), and just about everyone on Lookbook/Chictopia, to be honest!
Tunanganku (sumber dari ke PD an ku)

What do you know about indonesia?
I know that Indonesia is sort of the nextdoor neighbour to Malaysia, where my best friend lives. I also know the cuisine is wicked awesome, too! I'm suddenly hungry for noodles in peanut sauce.
Aku tahu bahwa Indonesia itu bersebalahan dengan Malaysia, yaitu di mana sahabatku tinggal. Aku juga tahu bahwa kulinernya begitu menakjubkan! Aku tiba-tiba lapar dengan mi serta saus kacang.

What's your opinion about Lara (me, yeay!)
You're so pretty! And I really love your looks. :)

Some words for me and the readers
No matter what, be yourself. It's cheesy, but it's the best advice I've ever had. Don't let people pressure you into being or doing something you're not comfortable with. If you've got it, flaunt it! (Oh, does that last part count as a motto?)
Apapun yang terjadi, jadilah dirimu sendiri. Kedengarannya sederhanam tapi itu adalah nasihat terbaik yang pernah aku miliki. Jangan biarkan orang lain menjadi beban dalam hidupmu atau melakukan sesuatu yang sebenarnya tidak nyaman bagimu. Jangan malu-malu!

"Sorry it took so long to get this to you! (I'd just gotten out of the shower when I read this message, so I put off taking a photo until I completely forgot.)". Thanks Kat :)


  1. Oh man, while reading the part in the beginning about the motto, I realised that I meant to say, "but I do always remind myself to not judge myself too much"! Is it possible to change that? I'm such a dork!

    Thank you so much for featuring me, by the way! I'm really honoured, and it was so fun. :)

  2. awwww you are soo adorable!! like a doll!! :D
    i really like your blog!! much love!
    Bobby Raffin: The Boy Dressed for Many Occasions